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What is a Power Couponer?

by admin on January 17, 2011

The big question a lot of people are wondering is what is a power couponer and how can you become one?  Being a couponer has become increasingly popular recently because of all the buzz, television shows, and media that has been seen on how to save a lot of money just by using coupons.  A couponer is someone who frequently uses coupons at grocery and retail stores to save money on their total bill simply put.

Defining the Power Couponer:

Taking it a step further is the “Power Couponer” who is one that is a couponer but takes it to the next level by saving tons of money everytime they go to the grocery store, retail outlet, or online websites.  A power couponer never pays full price for anything at a store or online!

They will never leave home without coupons and their total savings of at least 20% off their total bill, but usually much higher.  Typically a power couponer will use at least 30 coupons in any given week and most of those will be used at the grocery store.  The power couponer has a binder organized of each category their coupons are in for easy access while shopping at the store.  When shopping online, they will ALWAYS find a coupon code to use on their total bill.

So You Want to Become a Power Couponer?

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Julie Finkelstein June 12, 2011 at 7:53 pm

We like the mail in coupons, and we really saved, I was suprised at how
the Powercouper people had good ideas on what my husband and I needed.


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